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4 Things You Can Start Doing To Boost Your Instagram Presence & Engagement

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Post to stories

  • Truth be told...We love posting to stories when we’re (honestly) too busy to sit down and post a beautifully curated post to our grid.

  • Stories are great for sharing a brief clip of what you’re working on, behind the scenes moments, quick videos and more.

  • The content doesn’t need to be anything fancy or “on brand” with the other content in your grid. Be relatable. Have fun!

Be Human

  • We know, this one sounds a little weird but people love being able to relate to the most authentic version of you.

  • Sharing the behind the scenes of your business is a great way to be transparent with your audience and show the not so polished version of you they might typically see.

Engage with other accounts, daily

  • This is a big one, especially with how the Instagram algorithm works! If you frequently (and authentically) engage with other user accounts, then those accounts will likely engage back, and therefore your stuff will show up more often for them as well others! Who knew!

  • Start small by commenting on posts that resonate with you.

  • Interact with other user stories & polls - people always look to see who selected ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Stay Consistent

  • Trust us, we know this is sometimes easier said than done but that’s why you hire help (cough cough, LEO + LAINE) Or just sit down and plan out your posts for the week. Consistently posting is another Instagram must!

  • Set goals you can achieve

  • Posting once a day or three times a week.

  • Post to your feed one day then post to the IG story the next day. There should always be something new on your page for your audience to engage with.

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