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5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Photography for Your Business or Brand

Professional photographs are an essential marketing tool that any business or brand should invest in. They are, after all, the most accurate way to convey who your business or brand is—and the easiest way to attract your customer’s attention.

So imagine, if you will, a series of low quality pictures that have obviously been snapped quickly. Would they capture YOUR attention?! What do bad crops and lack of clarity or composition say about the business or brand that posted them?

This brings us to the first reason you should invest in professional photography:

1) Your photography represents your business or brand.

A professional photographer is a highly skilled picture-taker that can take your message and translate it to imagery that is clean, clear and cropped right. They are highly skilled when it comes to editing, but that’s only one part of their job. Photographers aren’t just picture takers. They are storytellers.

2) Professional photography conveys your business or brand’s values, which ultimately shows that you understand your customers.

Photographs aren’t just pretty pictures. As photographers work to capture your values, the resulting photos tell your customers that you understand who they are and what they need from your business or brand in a way that stock photography can’t always do. And while we won’t completely discredit the use of stock photography—there’s definitely a time and place for it!—having your own gallery to pick from ensures that your business or brand’s message is always on point.

3) Professional photography keeps your business or brand’s message clear and consistent across multiple channels.

Your customers can most likely find your business or brand in a variety of different places. From social media to websites, on posters and product packaging, and even in print ads or on the news—wherever you tell your story, that story should be the same. And because pictures are truly worth a thousand words, ensuring that yours are high-quality can really make a huge difference when it comes to continuity. They can also entice your customers to engage with your business or brand.

4) Professional photography can spark action.

If you want to sell a product, you need to show that product in action. If you want people to engage with your social media posts, you need to give them a visual that entices a feeling and forges a connection. When your customers like what they see, when it makes them embrace the ideals you’re trying to sell…they’ll come back for more, which means your business or brand is clearly being noticed.

5) Professional photography makes you stand out.

Listen, no business is truly without competition. And not every business understands the value of professional photography. So when you invest in this service for your business or brand, you’re doing something that will undoubtedly help you stand out against the competition.

Think about your own shopping habits: What entices you to make a purchase or place trust in a person, product or service? If we had to guess, we’d place bets on high-quality pics being influential.

Here at LEO + LAINE, we place great emphasis on the importance of professional photography. When it comes to client photoshoots, we don’t show up to snap pics. We come prepared for some quality collaborative storytelling. It’s our hope that every photo we produce strengthens your presence as it draws your audience closer. And that, to be honest, should be the goal of any professional brand photographer.

If we can be your photographer, let us know! We’d love to collaborate on your visual strategy.

…oh, and be sure to check out our secret ‘rule’ for social media photos! (It’s an inside look at how we partner with our existing clients to maximize their visuals on social media.)


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