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Best ways to clean up your business' social media

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Throughout the many months of quarantine, a few of us watched The Home Edit on Netflix and they were speaking our language! Anyone else?! They shared ways of creating a system for clutter in the home which kicked us in gear to get some systems in place for back of the house tasks but also for our brand and the many other brands we manage. If you’re like us and in need of a few ways to clean up your social media, keep reading, we’re deep diving a few Spring Cleaning tips for your business!

Eliminate Older Posts

To ensure the posts shared on your social media portray your business in the way you want, start by eliminating older posts. Scroll allllllll the way to the bottom of your Instagram grid and archive. We guarantee the posts you share at the very start of your business don’t speak to where your brand has evolved to now. Maybe there are a few milestone photos that you’ll want to keep, which is great! But the low quality selfies + iphone pictures of food could probably get archived. That’s what professional photography is for ;) And never archived post doesn’t go away forever, it just gets stored away in ‘archived posts’ behind the IG curtain. While you’re at it, it’s probably good practice to do the same on Facebook and LinkedIn too (because, why not?)

Update Your Bio

For many people, when they started creating an account on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook MANY years ago, they had no idea what to put for a bio + maybe left it blank or filled in something random so the account could be finalized. Well, guess what...NOW is a great time to make sure your bio is clean + concise with easy ways to contact you, a brief description of your brand and a link to your website! Keep it simple.

Refresh Your Profile Pic

Maybe you’ve invested in professional photography and now have great new headshots, or a team shot that represents your brand a lot better than that older picture or poorly cropped logo. Choose something clear and sized appropriately that’s recognizable and best fits your brand. This is your first impression photo, afterall.

Create Highlight Covers

If you have highlights on your Instagram profile, make sure the covers to each little “bubble” represent your brand. Whether it’s graphics, a gradient scale of fun colors or professional photos, they should be cohesive to the rest of the posts on your grid! Canva is a great tool to use when creating graphics of the right size, and also for sourcing those amazing little icons you see all the time.

Moral of the story, keep it clean, keep it simple and keep it cohesive! Remember, like we said in our last blog, you only have 4 seconds to grab your followers attention on your profile, so make it count! Give them something to look at that will make you stand out from the rest. And as always, if you’re feeling lost in the world of branding, we’re your gals!

Happy Spring, LEO + LAINE


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