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Brand Photoshoots: The LEO + LAINE Difference

It pays to hire a professional photographer that goes above and beyond for your brand or business—which is our goal, every shoot. Every single time.

Professional photographs are essential to the success of any brand or business. There are a number of reasons why, many of which nod to the role that photos play in a marketing plan. They are, after all, a surefire way to clearly communicate a message. And while it’s true that just about anyone with a camera or smartphone can snap a photo, it pays to hire a professional photographer that goes above and beyond—which is our goal, every shoot. Every single time.

From the moment you hire LEO + LAINE for your brand or business photoshoot, we push back on the standard practices you might be used to—all in favor of making it more personal. We come to you, we coach, we overdeliver. And most importantly—we consider you friends, rather than clients.

Let’s break that down a little further.

Here’s what makes a photoshoot with LEO + LAINE so different:

1) We are more than willing to come to you.

At LEO + LAINE, we believe connection is key, which is why we don’t hesitate to hop on a plane or jump in the car with our equipment in tow. In-person connections make our (mostly virtual) post-shoot work way more meaningful, and they foster the friendships we love so much.

Plus, this gives us a chance to see where you live, work and play! The more we learn about you and your business, the more we’ll understand your WHY.

2) We are really good coaches.

We have a ton of experience guiding our friends in front of the camera. We don’t just take pictures of you. We’re here to be your hype girls, making you feel confident and beautiful! We pull out moments and capture them, always envisioning how each individual photo will positively impact your content—how it will communicate your WHY.

3) We shoot a lot—like, A LOT—of photos.

When you invest in something for your brand or business, we’re sure that you absolutely expect a return on that investment. So we more than deliver! Our photoshoots never end at 25 photos. We shoot hundreds of images, even videos for reels, YouTube shorts and TikTok. All of which will be available to you.

4) We work effectively and efficiently.

Time is of the essence, especially if you’re working with a social media schedule, so we do our best to honor that with quick turnaround times—but we still take post-production seriously! Every photo is edited by hand within a week or two, after which we’ll share them all with you for your approval.

And, we can even turn those beautiful photos and videos into expertly crafted social media posts and websites—trust us, we think about all the possibilities as we click our cameras. Go ahead and explore our portfolio, you’ll see, then check out our services. Or just reach out.

We seriously can’t wait to take your picture.

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