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How often does your business need to post on social media?

Feel like you can’t keep up with your business’ social media platforms? Want to post more, but don’t understand exactly what “more” is? We feel you. Determining how often you need to be posting on each individual social media platform can feel like a daunting, almost impossible task to complete. The opinions vary and are often inconsistent—so what’s the actual answer?

How many stories do you need to post in a day?

What’s the right amount of reels to publish each week in order to see growth?

Does your business need to be as active on LinkedIn as it is on Facebook?

There’s only one answer: Do what works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

We know that’s a non-answer, but it’s the right answer. Your business’ social media strategy should not cause you any undue stress. It should fuel and inspire you to create relevant content—because that’s what matters more than the number of times you “should” be posting on any one platform. We’ll give you some frequency inspo in a minute, but first, write down these key points:

  • Quality beats quantity every single time, but quality is NOT about perfection.

  • Create content that serves your business’ followers.

  • Decide how much content you can reasonably create in a given amount of time, then let that guide your posting schedule.

Now, we know you came here for a concrete guide on posting schedules for each platform, so here’s that frequency inspo we spoke of earlier:

INSTAGRAM: Daily Stories + 2-3 Grid Posts/Week

FACEBOOK: 3-5 Posts/Week

LINKEDIN: 2-3 Posts/Week

YOUTUBE: 1 Video/Week

See a pattern? The “all day, every day” approach isn’t necessary.

According to Plann, the scheduling platform we use to keep our clients’ accounts active, TikTok is the one platform that varies from this norm. They recommend posting multiple times a day to generate maximum reach. If you want our opinion, and we’ll assume you do since you’ve made it this far, here you go:

TIKTOK: 2-3 Videos/Week

Again, strive for a posting schedule that works for you and your business, regardless of the above. If you need help staying consistent, consider using platforms like Plann or UNUM to work ahead. Or hire someone to do it for you (like us, shameless plug). And remember, social media should be fun. Don’t get too caught up in the “should” or “should nots,” and definitely don’t get caught in the comparison trap. Just get out there and show the world your unique brand, one post at a time!

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