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How to stand out in a job interview

One of the HARDEST things to do as a growing business is hiring and recently we just went through the process of bringing on THREE new employees! Although everyone we talked to was honestly great, there were a few things that stood out to us and set a few of them apart from the others we interviewed.

Number One: The first email goes a long way

In this virtual world we’re all living in, the first email you send a potential employer is the first impression you’re making on them. Take the time to give some details about yourself, write out why you think you might be a good fit, what you like about the company you’re applying for, etc. A well thought-out email goes a long way over one that simply states, “my resume is attached.”

Number Two: Know what you’re applying for

If a company is hiring for multiple positions, we highly recommend going into the interview direct. Know exactly what position you want and/or are most qualified for. That way the interview can focus more on getting to know you, your skills + how you might compare to other candidates applying for the same position.

We actually had quite a few people come into the interview looking for anything available and it caused us to sit on the call much longer in order to ask questions about what they’re good at, what they like and so on, vs. being able to be direct and ask about the specific skill sets required for that specific position. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good convo of course, but just a friendly reminder here that time is money, and we’re all very busy people

Number Three: Do your research and know the company

It is always obvious when someone takes the time to learn about the company before going through the interview process. Something so simple as browsing through their website or social media platforms proves that the candidate is passionate, dedicated and genuinely interested in who the company is and what they’re all about.

Number Four: The look of a resume matters

...especially when you’re applying for a creative job! Sure, if you’re applying for a corporate position, black font on a white paper is fine but when you’re interviewing for a creative role, use your resume as a way to show a sample of your work + proficient skills. Also, an EMAIL does not count as a resume. A brief cover letter? Sure. But the body of an email shouldn’t include a list of previous work experiences. Take the time to put something together that stands out and sets you apart. Lastly, go easy on the number of pages, studies say that an employer only looks at a resume for 6-7 seconds. Be conscious and be relevant.

Number Five: KILL IT in a round 2 call-back!

When asked to send a sample of your work, or take a small brand test in round 2, odds are you are up against 1-2 other applicants in the process, so remember to KILL IT. Use this time to go above + beyond, get a little competitive with it if you really want the job. We used this as a way to finalize our decisions when hiring and the result of their work ended up shifting our final picks completely. They absolutely blew us away!

Interested in learning more? Lynzee, Kayla + Paige talked all about these five tips on this week’s episode of Formally Informal. Click here to watch and be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!


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