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Is a full-scope content package worth the investment?

When it comes to building a business or brand, there is one mistake that new entrepreneurs tend to make—they break their customer’s chain of experience. If you’re not sure what that means, just imagine an actual chain. All the links are uniformly joined, ultimately leading from one end of the chain to the other.

Let’s apply that imagery.

If you’re building a business or brand, it’s important to link every touch point in the customer’s experience so they know exactly who they’re interacting with. This creates brand recognition and generates value that the customer will come to know and rely on.

What’s a touch point? It’s everything your customer engages with, and all of those elements—links in the chain, if you will—need to be connected in a way that immediately defines your business or brand. If you can loop one through the other, it naturally connects one end of your business with the other and keeps the customer coming back for more.

We call that brand recognition and trust, and you can make it happen by investing in a full-scope content package that creates and supports your visual brand identity.

Sure, you can create a logo. Then you can hire someone to put up a website. You might have someone on your staff who can take decent photos and knows a thing or two about social media. And yes, this approach might save you some money, but—will it be done with a single strategic approach in mind?

Be honest, it probably won’t.

It’s a piecemeal approach.

Investing in a full-scope content package by hiring a dedicated branding agency ensures that your business or brand’s identity is locked and linked from the very beginning—from concept to completion and beyond. For example, here’s what we work on for our full-scope clients:

• Brand Ideation + Logo Design

• Website Design + Maintenance

• Photo + Short-Form Video Shoots

• Social Media Content Strategy, Design and Management

• Monthly Newsletters + Blogs

• Quarterly Social Media Ad Strategy, Design and Management

Plus, we often add on additional hours for design and copywriting projects as determined by our clients’ individual needs. We might even become the agency on record (AOR), taking our commitment to their visual brand identity even further by ensuring our availability to assist with additional projects as needed throughout the duration of the contract.

A big investment? Yes, but it’s one that leads to greater success for the business or brand—because again, when you piecemeal it together, the strength of the chain diminishes significantly.

And when that chain breaks?

That’s when customers are lost.

So if you’re creating a new business or brand, or if yours currently lacks uniformity, do your research and connect with a branding agency (like us!) that can bring your visual identity full circle. Or, full chain, if you will.

We promise it’s worth it.

And if we can help, just reach out.

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