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Social Media Content Strategy: Show your face!

When it comes to posting on social media, you’re either willing to show your face or you’re not. And if you’re on Team Not, there are likely a number of reasons why. The need for privacy is probably one of them, and we totally get that. Or, maybe you have a product-based business and your face just doesn’t seem relevant. However, if nerves or a lack of confidence are two top reasons, we’re here to help you through that.

As the face of your business or brand, it is SO important that your followers (who could also become your customers) see you—actually see you!—as a credible resource. And when we say “you,” we certainly mean your team or relevant influencers, too, if you’ve got them.

Here’s why:

Products sell, but people provide credibility.

If you want your brand to be credible, you need to communicate that credibility with first-hand experience and expertise. Give your customers a reason to connect! When you do, you’ll develop trust that will create followers—who will (hopefully) turn into repeat customers.

Let’s think about that from a different perspective.

When you’re shopping for a new product or service, how do you decide when and where to spend your money? Research, right?! And that research often includes what other people are saying, including the businesses and brands themselves. If you can’t find anyone talking about whatever it is you’re researching, you’re less likely to buy in.

When you show up on social media, you can be the person that provides all the necessary information up front. Whether you’re posing in pictures or moving about in a reel, you’re accurately portraying your business or brand’s how and why. Plus, it’s a known fact that a glimpse behind the scenes of any business or brand is highly popular content on social media. People want to see what’s happening in all the places they can’t be!


You are the expert, so show everyone why!

…but, yes. We get that this is easier said than done. Let’s go back to all that talk about nerves or a lack of confidence. Photoshoots might feel a little uncomfortable, and it CAN feel somewhat embarrassing to film a reel. Here’s the thing, these sentiments are not unique to you alone. We promise! Even the best content creators with the highest reach get nervous.

Yet, they still do it. It’s proof that rising above your nerves and lack of confidence can truly go a long way toward sharing your business or brand’s message. And if you do this consistently? It will truly cement that message in the minds of your followers and, consequently, your customers, too.

Without that human touch, you risk being just another product or service to choose from. You, and perhaps your team as well, make your business or brand stand out.

So, our tip? — Ask for help!

Refocus your business or brand’s content strategy to include more of you with help from a branding agency that is well-versed in all the tricks required to bring out the best of you. From relaxed photoshoots with expert coaching, to strategy guidance with a focus on consistency and everything in between—having the right people in your corner can truly make a difference in your perspective on being front and center.

And hopefully, the interactions you’ll get from putting yourself out there will be worth it.

If you need a recommendation for a branding agency that does all of the above (and then some), we happen to know a good one. 😉

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