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Social Media Photos: Our Secret ‘Rule’

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When it comes to social media photography, it can be a daunting task to have weeks and weeks of professionally shot content. Even for us, and we have 3 photographers on our team! Because of this...we like to use a little secret rule we call our “Rule of Thirds." Different from the formal Rule of Thirds that most photo-experts are used to, we’ve created our own iteration, ideal when revamping or creating grids for our business and for our clients.


Professional photos

This one kind of goes without saying but a portion of your social media content should be professionally taken photos. Start with investing in a photographer for things like; headshots, team photos, action shots of you working and more, so you have great images to represent you and your team! If you are trying to sell a product, getting a few professional shots of those is a smart idea, as well. This doesn’t have to be a day long photoshoot but you should set aside a couple hours in order to capture various aspects of your company. And, don’t forget...editing your photos is equally as important.

Stock Photos + Graphics

We like to use stock photos and graphics to help fill in a social grid. Graphics typically consist of quick details, facts or quotes that help grab your audience's attention! For example, if you are promoting a sale on a product or highlighting menu specials at your restaurants, this is the perfect straight-forward approach to grabbing your audience’s attention and encouraging a call-to-action! Our team incorporates stock photos when we don’t have a professional photo of a specific item like an image of coffee with latte art or a detailed shot of someone working from home.

Reminder: Make sure you are using filters, fonts, colors and images that are cohesive with your brand, overall!

Authentic Smartphone Photos

Nowadays, the camera on your smartphone can take a super high quality photo without the need to hire a professional! We often take photos of our team during brainstorming sessions, quick shots of us working on location or the food (and cocktails) we’re enjoying together during meetings. The key is capturing authentic moments within your business that you think your audience will be able to relate to!


Check out our Instagram grid, linked here, to see how we’ve been using our Rule of Thirds.


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