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Top three reasons why your brand is important

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

What is BRANDING? It's a trendy word, we know, but why is it important to understand and recognize what your brand is and what it's portraying to future clients, customers or business partners? First of all, it’s extremely important that we all recognize how social media is such a prevalent source for ‘stalking’ potential people you’d want to support. Therefore, the ‘brand’ you + your business give off is so important.

In this week’s episode of Formally Informal, linked here, we talk about WHY investing in your brand is beneficial and how we choose restaurants, clothing boutiques, and even future employees based on the cohesiveness and aesthetic of their brand.

Stand out from others in your industry

Today’s market is so saturated, so creating a cohesive brand that allows you to stand out from the rest will almost always guarantee customer loyalty. We are firm believers that a brand’s focus should be about creating connections that provoke people to buy from you, support you, and spread the word about how great your business is to others.

Establish trust with clients

Trust is a huge component of what makes a great brand, especially when we’re talking about personal brands. If you are a business owner, developing a strong personal brand is the best way to show the face behind your business. In turn, you’ll establish trust with your customers and clients. Our clients are entrepreneurs, authors, podcast hosts, coaches, consultants, etc. Their business brands are obvious, but their personal brand and how it relates back to their business is what’s important to define and keep consistent.

Create value through experience

Strong brands are ones that create value for their customers through an experience that keeps them coming back. From the moment they find your profile on social media to the first steps they take into your business, or the first consultation they have with your team—the experience should be authentic, giving them a reason to trust you and establish their loyalty.

Listen in to our latest Formally Informal episode here as we deep dive these tips a little more, and if you’re interested in partnering with LEO + LAINE or want to learn more about the branding services we offer, visit our website here.

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