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Why a Brand Refresh is Important

Updated: Apr 13, 2021



  • give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

As your company grows, the overall brand identity needs to grow (UP) as well. Different from a rebrand which is a total reset, a brand refresh allows your company to highlight where it is now versus where it started! This is also a great time to reinforce the company’s mission, establish new marketing strategies, refine internal processes and gain traction for the opportunities ahead. Can you say, NEW BUSINESS!?

For some companies, a brand refresh might be necessary every couple of years. Whether your website isn’t up to date, or you’ve expanded your services and it’s time to promote those to a new audience; it’s important to sit down, review, and create a plan for every moving part of your brand.

Which brings us to LEO + LAINE. 👋🏻

After a year of major internal growth + new amazing clients we onboarded mid-growth, we realized our original website and social media strategy wasn’t cutting it anymore. The structure of our services had evolved, our team had nearly tripled, and we were establishing our niche in the marketing industry so it was time to hone in on that! We did our research and found programs to help keep us organized. We’ve included a few of our favorites below. You can thank us later. 😉

  • Monday | Project Management

  • PLANN | Social Media Content Batching

  • FloDesk | E-newsletters

  • Pixieset | Digital Galleries for Branded Photography

We had our website designer, Harleigh, design a beautifully revamped website that better organized our current services, growing list of clients and eye-catching case studies.

Another (very exciting) part of our refresh was hiring additional team members to keep our brand moving in the right direction! Hiring quality team members is nothing short of challenging, and when we found our tribe, it was important to us to keep them close and inspired.

Since starting our brand refresh at the beginning of the new year, we were reminded of how important it is for all companies to continue evolving with the times and to

Especially if what you are currently doing doesn’t speak to who you are anymore. The word refresh means to “give new strength or energy to” SO if your brand is not giving off the ‘vibe’ or energy you’re wanting it to, now is the time to press that refresh button.

+ + + +

As always… We’re here to help.



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