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Hey there

We're LEO + LAINE. We're based in southwest Michigan, but have team members and Clients all over the United States.


We're laid-back, and sometimes unfiltered, but don’t get us wrong, we mean serious business.

Our goal is to assist our clients in a way that lets them focus on the lifeblood of their business. As an extension to your existing team, we develop, implement and manage a digital brand strategy, and we do it as seamlessly as possible. We will naturally amplify your presence while honing in on your brand identity.

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LEO + LAINE Creative Marketing Agency_the LEO + LAINE team in Waco, Texas in front of a bakery at Magonila Silos



Lynzee Krohne

Eleven years ago, I started this journey on my own, helping close family and friends with photography, graphic design projects, small websites and so on. Never intending to build a business, I coasted for nearly 10 years, but after building my confidence and overcoming my own imposter syndrome setbacks, I finally filed for a formal LLC in October 2019. LEO + LAINE officially started after a quick text to a former colleague and now best friend, Kayla, who agreed to take this wild ride with me. Simply said, it was the best decision I've ever made. 


I'm humbled and grateful at the growth LEO + LAINE shows today. We have come a long way in a short time, and continue to hire new team members who bring refreshing new ideas and perspectives to the way we do business. We work with businesses and brands that have incredible power and influence, and we dedicate ourselves to helping them succeed in a low-pressure, fun-driven, success-oriented relationship.


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